Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Urban Grind Review


I thought I'd squeeze in a quick review of last night's lastest discovery, Urban Grind.

My boyfriend and I were driving along Tiendesitas when I spotted this coffeehouse located at the ground floor of Fun Ranch. Judging only by its name, I would have thought Urban Grind was a pub or a bar if not for the coffeebean in its logo. We were actually headed for Domino's near the area but agreed coffee would be better since we were both not that hungry.

Since we wanted a light meal, we agreed to split a sandwich and a slice of cake.

Triple Decker Sandwich

We ordered the Triple Decker sandwich, which was the Urban Grind barista's recommendation. It was really good! It's consisted of a generous slice of smoked ham, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, honey (or was it sugar syrup?) and mayonnaise, sandwiched between wheat bread, and served with potato chips. (which I suspect was vcut. haha!)

I also like how it was already cut into 4 pieces when served. A thoughtful move for clumsy eaters like myself. And even after being split between the two of us, the dish was still surprisingly satisfying. Though I guess it had a lot to do with us still being full from our late lunch.

Mochaccino Tripe Decker Sandwich

To go with our food, I ordered a Caramel Latte while Mikee got a Mochaccino.

Cutie caramel latte bear saying hi!

I liked how the caramel latte of Urban Grind wasn't too sweet. Some coffeshops tend to get trigger-happy with their caramel pumps in their drinks, like coffeebean. This one was just right -- just sweet enough to let you know it's caramel, but not tooth-achingly sweet.

I also tried Mikee's mochaccino and I could say the same as well in the amount of choco used. I love coffee, but I'm not a connoisseur.  But sometimes you just know when you're drinking good coffee. Not going overboard with some of the ingredients made me feel that the owners of Urban Grind knew what they were doing.

naks, pa-artsy!

Urban Grind Menu c/o Zomato.com

Urban Grind Menu c/o Zomato.com
Urban Grind Menu c/o Zomato.com

Another thing I liked about the place is the abundance of electric outlets--there's almost one in every table. Since I tend to work outside a lot nowadays, this is one of the first things I check in every new coffeeshop that I try. I make a mental note in case I need a place I can bring my laptop to and work for hours in.

I almost forgot: the dessert!

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Those who really know me are all too familiar with my love for desserts. A meal is bitin if it isn't ended with one.

For this meal, we got the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. The slice was a little modest in terms of size. I don't remember how much it was, though I'm pretty sure it's around the P100 - 120 price range.

It was good as well, the cheesecake was rich and dense. I didn't feel cheated judging by the texture alone--you'll know that they didn't skimp on the cream cheese and used fillers. I think the layer on top as well is white chocolate. I'm not a fan of white chocolate but, again, since it was just the right amount, it didn't overpower the taste. Overall, this was good cheesecake. Not overly sweet too.

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